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Feb 24, 2013 1:15am EST
morgan, head john stuart, as cnn and we have our old friend here from c-span filming this event so people from the united states can benefit from what you have to say. just to kickstart how did you come up with a fascinating and interesting book "radical" and where does the name come from? >> guest: i think the genesis of the name is interesting that when i first got to d.c. fellow was performing in the most defunct glad -- dysfunctional district in the nation that was a widely known truce. i did things that i thought were obvious for school districts in that state, a closing low performing schools, moving out in the affected employees, cutting the bureaucracy in half and as i was taking these steps people started to say she is a firebrand, a radical, a controversial and i thought really? finally i said if reconnaissance to a dysfunctional system makes me a radical then i am okay without. that was embracing that concept for the name of the book. >> host: some people call you anti-teacher but there are many teachers that are really like you. which is it? to they love you or hate you? >> gu
Feb 24, 2013 7:00am PST
for obstructing an officer. released from jail on thursday night. and now according to cnn, hammer was in a car. he did not own that had an expired registration. when they tapped on the window and asked if he was on parole or probation. he tweeted, "i will not answer his question contrary to his personal beliefs all people of color are not on probation or parole." and an eye opener for his many friends and colleagues. hammer is due in court next month. >>> electrical workers are at a burn unit. they were working when a circuit panel caught fire. suffering first and second-degree burns on 30% of their body. >>> prosecutors have a few days before the statute of limitation runs out in a case involving the electrocution of a pg&e worker. 26-year-old utility lineman martinez died in march of 2010 while working on an underground volt. they blamed pg&e for failing to protect their employees. the utility is currently fighting a $176,000 fan. martinez's girlfriend tells the chronical she wants pg&e held accountable potentially facing criminal charges. pg&e says they have increased training and insists t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2